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endless running. . .

a few thoughts on endless running. i am runner. i wasn't born a runner. I grew to be a runner. i really fell in love with running after the birth of my first baby. lacking an innate talent for the sport what i do have is determination. for me it is all about my watch. how much faster and farther can i run today than i did yesterday? this is a good thing for a runner and over the years i have found i can actually compete with those born with running lungs and running bodies. it is that way with a lot of things in my life.

today however, my marathons are taking a different form. from 10 pm to 5:30 am i think there are two marathons going on, one is being run on the inside of my stomach, by the 35 week belly-baby and the other on the outside of my stomach by my four-year-old's feet wedged against me (how come children don't seem to even be still when they sleep?).

and still there is another marathon. starting a new business. i wasn't born an entrepreneur. i grew to be one. i think it all began by marrying my husband 10 years ago. it is in his blood. he lives and breathes for new opportunities. so he asked and asked for years "rebecca what is your idea" and then not out of any talent of my own but of determination to solve a problem the cap trapper came to me.

it is so unsexy. but you know... cap trappers have made my life better since we got the prototypes in our home. the little headaches they have saved me, the time, the money...i love this product. so i am willing to run the marathon. i am determined to get cap trappers out there for other people to enjoy. i think i can compete with all those big companies out there, with their endless flow of money into their lungs and well defined bodies. just from sheer determination and belief that people actually need an unsexy product like cap trappers.

as with a lot of things in my life i know i can compete in this marathon. (it will be nice however when the marathon ends inside my belly! but then a whole new marathon begins of feeding, changing, not sleeping. . .you know the routine :)