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The view from the burial site

Pall Bearers
Laying a Rose on the Casket.  

Yellow was his favorite color.

Great Grandma had an especially difficult time, burying both children and a spouse in her lifetime.


In Loving Memory of Papa

Our dear, sweet Papa passed away yesterday March 21st, 2011.  

Our hearts are grieving at the loss we feel.
Missing his tenderness.  
But we are rejoicing as we pour over pictures and sift through our memories.
Wishing we didn't have to wait to see him again. 

We love you Papa.  And will try to live our lives to honor your name.



The girls and I had a fun time this morning writing these little limericks in honor of St. Patricks Day.


Anna was a chicken in our yard,
Whom to keep in her coop was quite hard.
Dad cages her with sticks,
But she keeps up her tricks.
She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t get charred!

Brim the dog was a special kind of pet.
Whose palate was so difficult to whet.
Until we did see,
Grandpa and he,
At McDonald's with their nuggets, all set.

Ellery was insistent we figure out a way to work "nuggets" in.  It just wasn't as fun with "McMuffin."


Sword Play

Was there any ever any question who ruled the house?


Looking Fly

Emmett just couldn't stop strutting his stuff in his brand new outfit.  Admittedly, I just couldn't stop admiring.  He is so darn cute.

"Daddy, when I grow up I will have a tail.  I will be a dog."  Hmmm.  Not sure about that one Emmett.  He said it with such pride.


Voices so Sweet

Ellery and our little next door neighbor Koy sang in church today.  It was so sweet.  They both are so confident and poised.  I was blown away.  Koy's mom Jessie played the piano.  We shot this video afterwards, since it wasn't appropriate to film during Sacrament Meeting.


Dinner Time

I'm guessing many mothers out there would agree that making dinner can be the toughest time of the day.  It usually rolls around from about 3:30 - 5:00 pm.  This is just the time mom and kids are worn down.  Yesterday, Berkeley was having an especially cranky time so I sat her on the counter next to me.  Several minutes past and I thought, huh, she is really quiet.  I look over to see this....

Apparently she located the bread bag and was tickled pink with the results.  It gave me a full 20 minutes of uninterrupted prep time

Who would have thought?


A Typical Night

In "Mom and Dad's Bed."  It's only 9 pm.  Where can we squeeze in?


First Piano Competition

No pictures allowed during Comp.

Before the Competition

Ellery participated in her first piano competition the weekend before we left for Hawaii.  She was very diligent in her preparation, despite so many health issues the last 7 months.  Her performance was fantastic. I still can't get over how composed she before and during performing.  I feel like a nervous wreck and she is as calm as a little flower.  

We left all pianos behind on our 2 weeks away, so the recital she had last weekend was a little rusty, but she still did wonderful.  

I am amazed at the psychology Carol, her teacher, uses to build confidence in her students.  She treats them as mature and accomplished musicians.  Ellery's next recital piece is a concerto.   Her teacher says "concerto" with such reverence and gusto all at once, it is hard not to catch the contagion.  It has 18 pages.  Ellery's comment to me in the car as we left her piano lesson:  "Mom I just can't believe it, I just keep thinking I am teenager.  It is almost like I am a mom.  I just can't believe a little girl like me is playing an 18 page piece."

Ellery's teacher makes her feel she is so advanced and so brilliantly musical.  I love it!


A Flare for the Dramatic

You really know you read a lot of poetry with your kids, when you ask your seven year old to write 5 sentences with her spelling words and this is what she comes up with:

Change the day to a pleasant one. 
Ready all are we.  
By chance, by chance, no one will say, this is not a pleasant day.

Few by few, day or night, daily conscience shine o shine.

And then you know you've listened to disney and Miley Cyrus with the other 2 sentences:

Picture the colors of the wind.

It's the climb.

Several weeks ago Ellery informed me she wanted to be a pianist, flautist and poet when she grew up.  We'll see.