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The girls and I had a fun time this morning writing these little limericks in honor of St. Patricks Day.


Anna was a chicken in our yard,
Whom to keep in her coop was quite hard.
Dad cages her with sticks,
But she keeps up her tricks.
She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t get charred!

Brim the dog was a special kind of pet.
Whose palate was so difficult to whet.
Until we did see,
Grandpa and he,
At McDonald's with their nuggets, all set.

Ellery was insistent we figure out a way to work "nuggets" in.  It just wasn't as fun with "McMuffin."


Monica said...

Brilliance I say, is full of The rebecca and Ellery may.
I dare say she is my sister, though I was left as just a co-ed college baby sitter.

thank you.

Heather and Jake said...

Hey Becca! It's Heather. Cute, I love keeping up on your blog. I remember that you wrote a few posts back that your account said it was full, and wouldn't let you add any more pictures? Mine told me the same thing today! I was wondering what you did to get past that? Did you pay for more storage, or did you have to delete old posts?

Brittney said...

Cute! Although I must say that picture of the chicken on the grill is a bit disturbing, even for me... :)