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First Piano Competition

No pictures allowed during Comp.

Before the Competition

Ellery participated in her first piano competition the weekend before we left for Hawaii.  She was very diligent in her preparation, despite so many health issues the last 7 months.  Her performance was fantastic. I still can't get over how composed she before and during performing.  I feel like a nervous wreck and she is as calm as a little flower.  

We left all pianos behind on our 2 weeks away, so the recital she had last weekend was a little rusty, but she still did wonderful.  

I am amazed at the psychology Carol, her teacher, uses to build confidence in her students.  She treats them as mature and accomplished musicians.  Ellery's next recital piece is a concerto.   Her teacher says "concerto" with such reverence and gusto all at once, it is hard not to catch the contagion.  It has 18 pages.  Ellery's comment to me in the car as we left her piano lesson:  "Mom I just can't believe it, I just keep thinking I am teenager.  It is almost like I am a mom.  I just can't believe a little girl like me is playing an 18 page piece."

Ellery's teacher makes her feel she is so advanced and so brilliantly musical.  I love it!

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Unknown said...

Wow, I hesitate to ask how old Ellery is... 8? Because I'm pretty sure she plays better than I do and I'm almost 31. Yikes! Very impressive. I never did embrace the classical side of piano music-- such a stubborn student! I only wanted to play the "pop hits" of the current year, etc. But so cool that she is progressing and actually enjoys playing at such a young age. She'll go far!