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Helmet for the Little Dude


Emmett just sits in the garage waiting for dad to get home so he can ride the 4 wheeler.  I have expunged myself from all responsibility related to this machine.  

The machine came with a helmet but we got this super cute one, much more appropriate for his head and neck strength from allsportprotection.com.  There are plenty to chose from for your tikes big and small.

Apparently it is quite dangerous for little ones to have a helmet too heavy for their little necks.  We want the protection and not extra danger.  I'm glad Brent knows about these things.  

We also have a governor on the throttle so they can't go to fast.  And a remote kill!  Love that.


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Jessica Ellis said...

Wow, the helmet suits him so much! Safety issues are very important when we talk about little children and their daily activities. It's important to buy all protective things and make the life of your child better. The best academic help will help you to choose the right one for your child.