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What you Learn When you Have Strep Throat for 5 Days and Counting...

Every swallow actually takes two.  One to swallow the liquid, the next for that minuscule amount left in the back of your throat.

That is seriously meaningful.

Strep tests can be wrong.  Mine was on Tuesday.

That is seriously meaningful.

"Magic Mouthwash"  means nothing.  Even when the Dr. promises miracles.

I do not recommend the "Strep Throat Diet."    Not a fantastic way to lose almost 10 lbs in 5 days.


Unknown said...

I TOTALLY know how you feel!! I just suffered from a vicious sore throat "virus" the past 2 weeks and I HATED it. I actually wished I had strep throat so I could get a good antibiotic. But swallowing really WAS torture and everything was miserable. I hope you feel better soon!!!

Sarah said...

ugh! this sounds horrible! i'm so sorry you are sick with strep. i hope you get better quickly! :(

Erin said...

have you tried colloidal silver? I use it as a gargle, and love it. I brew my own.