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First Recital, First Concerto

Firsts always bring anxiety, anticipation, and a big dose of mystery.  Especially with our little wild card Callista.  She reads like whiz, does math like a brainiac, but can't recite an entirely memorized talk in front of a crowd for the life of her.  For her first piano recital performance, I had no idea what to expect.

This is what happened...

She nailed it!  We were so proud of her.  Especially considering her nerves in front of large audiences.  She counted and was as cute as can be.  According to her teacher, she saved the recital for the beginners.

Ellery prepared a Concerto in only 6 months, which is really quite a memorization feat.  This is Concerto Romantique, Movement 3 by Katharine Rollins.  At about 3 minutes in listen for her Cantabile, an especially beautiful portion, at 4:30 or so her cadenza solo, and then grand finale!

On Wednesday when we walked out of piano lessons, Ellery said, "Mom I am learning the rest of Forget Me Not, to surprise my teacher!"  This morning after practicing she spontaneously looked at me and said, "Mom, thanks so much for working with me on my practicing."  I think like Amy Chua says in her memoirs Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mom, we don't love anything until we are good at it.  Ellery's love for music is starting to mature, in many ways I think it is a direct result of her rapid progression and the recognition she receives.

We consider music to be an invaluable life long skill for our children.  It brings out the "Tiger Mom" in me, but I don't think I will have regrets.

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