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Wintering in the South Fields

 A breathtaking herd of Elk are wintering in the South Fields.  The kids and I spent the weekend at my parents, and joined others from all over the valley to gaze at these amazing creatures lumbering around my parents and sister's properties.

 The Elk come seeking nourishment, their resources depleted in their own harsh environment.  I can relate.  It was a good respite.  Ellery enjoyed the distraction of cousins and grandparents and lots of food.

I had a rejuvenating and comforting telephone call with Brent's aunt, a family therapist.  She helped me sift through some of my emotions and provided me with some valuable insights on how best to interact with the children.  Not only do I benefit from her expertise but also her love and prayers.

I am also doing some research on my own into helping children, and the families they belong to, cope with chronic pain.  I always feel better when I am proactive.  Maybe part of my problem in coping has been I wasn't tapping the right resources yet or searching diligently enough on my own.  I don't like feeling helpless.  It is easy to feel helpless when so many things are out of my control.  But little things like doing my own research and learning new parenting strategies specific to my children,  I can feel them starting to empower and strengthen me.  A fresh pasture to nourish in.

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Sarah said...

i'm so glad you've found some things to empower you. i'm sure Heavenly Father will help you learn more about what you CAN do.

and p.s. those picture of berkely are darling. what a smile!