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One Very Happy Day

I try not to feel prideful, but ohhh these children are just adorable!  A tribute to some of the most important women in my life.  (There is a whole second set of amazing women, but today I will focus maternally.)

From Callista I learn radiance and patience.
From Ellery I learn perseverance and thoughtfulness. 

From my Berkeley I learn the power of feeling beloved.

You may recognize Callista and Berkeley's dresses from several years ago.  Ellery's I made on Saturday.    They are complete with hidden "penny pockets."
Easter 2007
They were so little!

From Callista I learn what it means to love with all of yourself.

From our trials I learn to seize every moment, and never wait until tomorrow.
 I basked in my children's cuteness all day, that was of course after we finished all the church services, of which our row always seems to be in a state of complete bedlam.

In the afternoon we were so lucky to have Charlotte and her family, my mom and dad, and Derald and Monica for dinner.  It was great to be together with these wonderful women in my life.  We missed Brock and Amy away in Portland.

From Charlotte I just wish I could pick her brain constantly.  She has inspired me to take so many paths I may not have without her.  Books, poems, devotionals, music...  Her gifts are so great.  Sunday as she accompanied Ellery on the flute, Ellery said, "Wow mom, that was really neat.  It was so different playing with Charlotte."

From Monica I learn to never be afraid to make a bold move.  She is young, but courageous in paving out her future.

My mother is one great woman.  I think one of her greatest gifts to me was empowerment.  She allowed me to grow and become the woman that I am.  She instilled in my the confidence, that I could do whatever I wanted in life.  Being smart and undaunted in pursuing intelligence, being athletic, being kind and humble...she modeled these attributes.  (okay maybe not athletic :)  I have to be honest here otherwise it all loses its credibility).

She always reminded me her decision to stay home with the children was not a necessity but a choice. I loved knowing my mom was capable to be a professional had she chosen to do so.  My ideas of expressing my independence and accomplishment have changed over the years, but the ability to do so was what I learned from her.

I love you mom.

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Brittney said...

You're all so gorgeous! I love your family. :) And your kids in those dresses - so cute!!