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California Dreaming

Enjoying the warm breeze at Laguna Beach

We spent a wonderful week with Brent’s uncle and his wife in Mission Viejo, California. Emmett loving referred to the family as “Uncle.” “Daddy, are we going back to Uncle’s house?”
Lounging by the pool.  Brent and his mom enjoy the shade, the girls enjoy their trinkets from Disneyland.
 Our drive out, went without hitch.  In fact, Brent and I didn’t really hear from Berkeley the entire 11 hours.  Beyond the classic “How much longer?” and “Are we there yet?”  queries, the kids were fantastic. 

“Uncle’s” backyard was a five-star resort, as far as we were concerned.  Our entire family stayed occupied enjoying putting, hot tubbing, swimming, lounging, basketball, pool, barbecues and more. 

Emmett looking ultra cool as he poses on the waterfall.
 Brent and I were measuring the entire time to see if we could possibly create the same wonderland in our own backyard.  Unfortunately, the tape measure at home dashed the plans.  Not enough space.  Or sun.  We do live in the tundra here.  Yesterday averaged barely 50 degrees.

Sunday we attended the Saddleback Church with Brent's uncle.  It is one of the largest mega churches in the nation.  The campus was amazing, akin to Temple Square for LDS folks, in size and scope.  We enjoyed the sermon on parenting.  It was uplifting and very practical.  We gawked at their beautiful baptismal font, wishing we could swap it for ours.  Ellery will be baptized on Saturday, but it won't be outside with waterfalls, and stone ornamentation. 

I appreciated experiencing a Sunday from another perspective.  It helps me understand and embrace my own.  Brent's Aunt and Uncle are God-fearing, Christians, of whom I have the utmost respect.  I wanted to absorb all the goodness that seemed to just pour out of them.  They are true examples of discipleship.  We talked of parenting and our children.  Challenges and life. They had so many gems of wisdom to share.
Enjoying a little put-put.  I can claim the reigning champ title.

Two days of our trip found us touring Southern California.  My California-bred husband still can't seem to embrace the cold, dreary, Utah winters.  I have to admit, we have had some long ones recently.  We love so much about living in Utah, but there is a portion of both of us, that itches for change.  So we explored.  It was enlightening.  We saw many things we didn't love and many we did. 

No decisions have been made.  But we were happy to see what is available and what steps we may need to take to make the move if we so desire.

 Another portion of the trip brought us to Disneyland to celebrate Ellery's birthday.  Mimi flew in and met us there. 

 In case you didn't know: You can fit four children into a Chariot Carrier. And wow, did it save us time and tears!  Brent hustled those kids along, like a man on a mission.  We certainly drew quite a few comments from onlookers.

We ended our trip in Las Vegas for the night to visit Brent's sister Julie and her family.  We saw their new home, and had a quick, but worthwhile visit. 

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Brittney said...

Were we at Disneyland the same time as you??! How random that would have been to run into you there. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I'd love to hear more about your plans.