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Ellery's Baptism

Ellery before her Baptism.  She is positively glowing.  A beautiful person.

We are so proud of our Ellery for choosing to be baptized today.  She turned eight years old, on May 23rd, qualifying her to make this decision.  In doing so, she takes upon herself the name of Jesus Christ.  Baptism is the gate to eternal life, and we are so grateful she entered into the waters.

Ellery and her Dad on her Baptism Day

Ellery and the little ones.  Berkeley wasn't thrilled about the whole thing.

Ellery was baptized by Brent.  She then received the gift of the Holy Ghost, through hands being placed upon her head and the blessing and command given.  If she is obedient she now has the ability to have the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and Teacher with her at all times.  Two saving ordinances in one day.  A big day.  A beautiful day.

I spent last weekend sewing Ellery's dress.  She found one she loved on the Internet so we created it for her, adding some of our own touches.  She wanted to be baptized in her dress.  We opted out of the "jumpsuit."

Surrounded by our good Bishop Beeson and his family, our families, several neighbors and close friends, it was a perfect morning.  After the baptism, we returned home for a little luncheon with Brent's mom, his brother's family, my sister Charlotte and her family, and Monica.  Ellery's flute teacher Amber and our nanny Larisa also came with their husbands.

Ellery's Hair 

It was a big day for our family, but the Spirit has been telling me she is ready.  Without those quiet consistent promptings the last several weeks, this would have been a more difficult day.  It is scary to see your own child reach an age of accountability.  Christ must be more central in her life.  Repentance.  Charity.  Forgiveness.  Hope.  She is no longer saved by her innocence, but by Christ.  Brent gave her a beautiful blessing to aid her as she embarks on this journey of a lifetime to be His true disciple.


Brittney said...

What a wonderful, special thing for Ellery! It looks like you had a great day, and her dress is absolutely gorgeous! SHE looked gorgeous! Tell her congratulations for me for taking such a big step!

Sara said...

Congratulations Ellery!! Becca, what a beautiful dress. You are so talented!