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The Oregon Trail

The Hunny and I at Multanomah Falls
 We spent a fantastic 6 days trekking to Oregon to visit our siblings.  The first three days are a bit of a blur to me, as I came down, for the second time in six months, with strep throat.  I was incoherently contaminating a bedroom in Brent's sweet sister Sheri's house.   Thankfully after about 36 hours the antibiotic kicked in and I was able to enjoy the end of our trip.

Unfortunately, because I am the sole photographer in the family we have no pictures from our stay in Hermiston.  But Sheri and Julian were wonderful hosts, brining the kids to parks, the nail salon, the home depot craft, out to dinner, picking blackberries...they had a wonderful time.  Julian cleaned and examined Brent's pearly whites.  

Saturday morning I attempted a run, I needed 15 but nearly collapsed with 7.  I was still not able to swallow, even though the fever had passed and the worst was over.  Sheri rode the bike along side me, and was a trooper, as I got the "on foot" tour of her little town.

By Saturday afternoon I was feeling remarkably better.  Now the trip with my side of the family began.  We started with some beautiful hikes along the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway.
Berkeley and Emmett hitching a ride with Brent to Horsetail Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

My parents, and Derald and his girlfriend Stacy Jo, also made the trek out to visit with Brock and Amy and meet the newest addition to their family Pierce.

Derald, the girls, me, and Daegen on the trail.

Here is a little conversation between Emmett and I as I was working on this post:

Derald and Stacy Jo

Emmett:  Mom, where is Derald's Mother?
R:  Derald's Mother?
E:  Yes Mom.  You know that girl?
R:  Bringing up a picture of StacyJo  Oh...Do you mean his girlfriend?
E:  Yes mom.  That is her.  I love her.  She is so beautiful .  She is like a princess.

I couldn't resist these three "Baldies,"  Mt. Hood included!
I can't believe how big she is getting.
She couldn't stop holding little Pierce.  

Does that little guy know how to melt hearts or what?

It is fantastic to see Derald so happy.  A fabulous girlfriend has been a long time coming.

Mount Hood was a fun Sunday morning expedition.  Unfortunately my stroller and baby carrier were left on the mountain.  I am in mourning.
Grandpa loving on the two little ladies.

Another highlight was a late night trip with Brock and Amy on their boat up the Wilamett river into the city.  We cruised down the glass river with lights, music, good conversation.  I felt like I was a young  married again.  It was liberating.  We docked the boat and walked around Portland, bought some cheesecake and had an all a round wonderful time.  The kids were at home asleep with my Mom and Dad.  

We spent a glorious afternoon barbecuing and playing in the lush cedars, redwoods, firs, stream, and general "greenery" surrounding Brock's beautiful home.  Their yard was a little haven of beauty and serenity. I was having serious house and lot envy!

We ended our trip with a great dinner with Brent's cousin Justin and his wife Trisha.  They live in the urban downtown of Portland.  We ate at a great restaurant and walked their district.   Their historic home was a charming urban counter to the solitude of the forests.  Of course another highlight was meeting their chickens.  Being the "children" in the family, they are far more pampered than ours.

We had a fantastic trip and can't wait to return next year.


Brittney said...

What a beautiful area! But you lost your carrier and stroller? Your Babyhawk? Oh, so sad!! I'm glad the rest of the vacation was wonderful to make up for your loss. :)

Haddock said...

Some lovely pictures here..... and what a wonderful place.