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Worms: Faster Than They Look

I did sanitize the kitchen table.  These guys could move!

It is great this year to get back into the Science swing of things.  I purchased several kits off the internet to supplement our curriculum.   Emmett was fascinated by this one as we investigated and observed different items to determine if they were alive.

He looks passively content in the photo above.  Don't be fooled!  The majority of this activity he was sitting on the kitchen table peering intently into his petrie dish, demanding his turn with the magnifying glass and probe.  The earthworms gave him pause.

We gently probed with sticks, used our magnifying glasses to observe poly-crystals, brine shrimp eggs, mung beans, a sponge, a carrot, a top, glass beads, and, of course, earthworms.

This particular "Science in a Nutshell" kit includes 9 different experiments.  It is entitled "Is it Alive?"

I bought it from their website.

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