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Josephina's Authentic Mexican Salsa

The trick to this salsa is blackening on a cast iron skillet.  Make sure not to stir too much.
You want dark black patches on the veggies.  

The first almost 4 years of our marriage we lived in a charming, basement apartment (albeit creeping with cockroaches, the entire neighborhood was) of the most wonderful family from Mexico.  We learned a lot living with them, and one of the biggest take-aways was Josephina taught me how to make her delicious salsa.

Brent and I would beg her to make us salsa, as much as was possibly tactful.  Finally, I asked for the recipe.  I made several batches.  No comparison.  They all fell flat.

I decided I needed a live tutoring session.  After several careful observations, my salsa improved dramatically.  I discovered Josephina and I were from the same mold.  We don't like recipes and rarely stick to one.

I watched her like a hawk, and this salsa is the best semblance.  I may have posted this before, but it is worth reposting.

Josephina's Authentic Mexican Salsa

1 can tomatoes or 5-10 fresh roma's
1  onion, yellow or red
¼-1/2  c cilantro
1 t cumen
1 t coriander (opt)
1 t salt
Juice of 1 lime
½-1 jalenpeno
Turn heat onto high and blacken tomatoes, onion and jalepeno on a cast iron skillet.  Combine the rest of ingredients into blender or food processor.  Process.  Add tomatoes and onions and process gently until desired consistency is reached.  

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Brittney said...

Just last week I was on a kick trying to make good salsa! I was not happy with mine, so I'm so glad you posted this! Blackening the tomatoes seems to be the trick! And I'm interested in trying your almond milk smoothies... I've been meaning to give almond milk a try for some time now, and this would be a good way to ease into it, I think. :)