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Stealing Moments

I steal moments with my babies whenever I can.  One opportunity is Friday afternoons while the girls are away at art class.  No one was taking a nap, so we braved the 40 degrees and drizzle and crossed the street to the park.
Our other favorite private time is while the girls are at gym.  This one is a little trickier, because I have to simultaneously make dinner for a portion of it.  Emmett begs all day to play "Father and Sons."  The "fathers" are his four wheelers and the "sons" the hot wheels.  He is always the "Father" and I am the "sons."  We begin by going over "the plant" (aka "the plan" which is a daily routine with the children and me).  Then the day proceeds with the Father and Sons.  Not sure why no Mother's are involved, but that is just how it is.  

Emmett and I also have our grammar parties.  Proper pronoun placement is elusive for rocket boy.  A typical sentence includes his most cherished pronoun "them" multiple times.  "Them are getting them shoes on."  

Two weeks ago we decided to put tubes in Berkeley's ears.  What a miracle it has been for this little girl.  Her speech exploded and she's walking.  I have mixed emotions.  I was taking such pride in her primate gait, and then in 3 days she completely abandoned it and started walking exclusively.  In fact, her balance is uncanny, compared to before tubes.  My baby is now an official toddler.

A final note on babies growing up.  The day after my sweet little RocketBoy post, with Emmy's nukie in his mouth, we somehow lost his pacifier.  I didn't lose it on purpose, but we went with it.  Emmett is now nukie-free.  He claims it is because he is a big boy.

A very real part of this mother wants to find that nukie and keep The Honey crawling around on the ground.

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Brittney said...

This post almost brings tears to my eyes. It's so hard to see our babies grow up! I don't know how many times I've said that I wish Ari could stay 2 forever. :) It is fun to see Berkeley walking so well, though. I'm glad the tubes have helped so much!