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Christmas 2011

We spent a wonderful Christmas up at the Ranch.  The children had a great time playing with cousins, I  loved the late night chats with my siblings and their spouses and we all enjoyed spending time with Stacey Jo.  We are on pins and needles awaiting an announcement for she and Derald to seal the deal.  Hopefully sometime in the coming year!

Note the musical and dancing talent in this video compilation.  I especially love the ultra high key we sang "Silent Night" in around the fire on Christmas Eve.  
Although it is brutal for babies and super complicated with so many children and such frigid
temperatures, I am so grateful we can walk under the gorgeous Northern Utah night sky.
No light pollution.  Guided by a luminary and bundled in our costumes we head to the day barn
to sing of the birth of Jesus. 

Little Robert, as peaceful as can be, is dressed in swaddling clothes.    Later on "Santa's Helper" paid a visit to the house.

Take note of the look in Emmett's eyes.  He wanted nothing to do with this "helper" even though the "helper" looked and sounded just like grandpa!

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without pajama's from Santa.

This year we stayed with my sister in her home, just down the hill from The Full Circle Ranch.  It was a welcome change with tons of room to spread out, but we missed seeing Grandma and Grandpa as much.

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