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"Watch My Finger!"

Emmett and my Dad were doing a little last minute Christmas shopping last week.  The girls were getting ready for their first gymnastics meet.  Grandpa and Emmett decided to meet us at the gym.  Grandpa wandered around for 10 minutes or so, at a loss of how to find the gym.  It is tucked in an industrial park visible only after about 6 turns.

Emmett kept piping in from the back:

"Grandpa, you can't find the gym because you are going to wrong way."

He was quite persistent, and finally my Dad decided to humor him.  "Okay Emmett, you show me how to get to the gym."

"Grandpa!  Just watch my finger!  Watch where my finger is pointing!"  That little 3 year old then led my Dad directly to the gym.  After several turns...

"Can't you see it Grandpa.  Just turn here."  Sure enough they ran straight into the gym!  Way to go Emmett.

Believe me the sense of direction was not inherited from my side of the family.

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