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And Then There Were Two...

Yesterday was a sad one on our micro, mini, family farm.  We lost our blond chicken Miriam in an unfortunate accident.  Her persistence did not pay off.  In an attempted escape from the run her little head became wedged under a board.  Thankfully Brent came home from church early and found her before the rest of the family came home.

The girls sobbed for hours.  I was surprised at the intensity of their emotion.  We'll remember Miriam as our flyer, an exceptional egg layer (two a day), and the bottom of the pecking order.  Hopefully there is a heaven for animals were she doesn't have to try to escape a coop but can roam around to her full pleasure.  (I doubt the little spirit animals are eating thus, no poop.  I would let them roam too!)

The little hens had just come off their winter egg-laying break of 2 1/2 months.  We will miss Miriam's mischief and her blue and peach eggs.

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