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Hola Bertha!

Spanish and Bertha.  Our newest Homeschooling Additions.

You may recollect the sad departure of Larisa at the beginning of this year.  We miss her sweet disposition and tender heart.  To fill the educational void we hired our neighbor Bertha to begin to tutor the children in Spanish.  Bertha is from Mexico and has lived in the United States for about 10 years, first in Chicago and now in Utah.

Bertha taught elementary school in Mexico and I believe was born to teach children.  She is brimming with smiles, enthusiasm, dancing, games, and has just enough toughness to keep the kids in line.  Bertha began coming the first week in January.  She comes Mon, Tues, and Thursday from 8-9 in the morning and on Wednesdays from 12:45-3:45 (so I can still attend piano lessons with the girls).  Because she lives only a block away the schedule works out ideally for both of us.  Most days I try to listen and learn along with the children but sometimes I sneak in my shower and breakfast.

  Bertha is a gifted teacher and within days she had Emmett and Honey running into her arms for kisses and hugs.  I've been especially impressed with how seriously she takes her job.  She is prepared each day with a lesson and activities, songs and games. She speaks very little English and her communication with the children is almost exclusively in Spanish.  On Wednesdays after their lesson and when I leave for piano with the girls Bertha tends Emmett and Honey.  She speaks exclusively in Spanish and I swear they are starting to understand.  It is amazing!

The weather warmed up last week and the class headed outside with magnifying classes to explore for insects and leaves.  Spanish will be an invaluable addition to the children's skill set.  Ellery had a head start from Rosetta Stone,  but it computer doesn't hold a candle to Bertha!

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