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Happy Mothers Day 2012

 I am so grateful to be a mother by choice.  I respect women for all of their choices.  God did not create me just as mother.  It is one of my roles, and one that brings me tremendous joy but also the burden of myriad menial duties and frustration.

 Emmett insisted on having a "dress" made for himself.  So actually both he and Brent got a homemade tie.  Brent was equally as adamant and actually the driving force behind his own matching tie.  We were a bit on the corny side at church but who cares!

My own mom and sisters.  We must have taken 150 pictures to get one we all approved of.  I'm not sure if this was one of them.

 I wish I could say I always have this big of a smile on my face, even when we are piano practicing...  But I do have this smile in my heart, even when I'm a bit grouchy.

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