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Happy Ninth Ellery and a Perfectly Pink Party

Ellery on her new Beach Cruiser.
A Perfectly Pink Party.

The girls went on a wild scavenger hunt all over the neighborhood.  Tasks included things like "touching a dirty boy," and "forming the number 9 with your bodies."

We opted for a very layered, frosting free cake.  It was dyed pink with beet juice and smothered in fresh raspberries and strawberries.

A few little personal notes on Ellery.  She... 

...has the poise and confidence to match many adults

...is learning intellectual integrity and courage by being unafraid to act and think and speak differently than her peers

...plays the piano with intensity and reflection

....loves to write poetry, especially poetry she considers extremely deep, romantic and metaphorical

....memorizes amazingly

...likes to be alone a lot

....has an intensely emotional connection with her physical body, she wears her emotions in her health

....drives her mom to jealousy because she favors dad

....worries incessantly over safety, which translates into being very responsible and very strict with her siblings

....is known to let out piercing screams when she feels something or someone is in harms way

....loves to perform and be in the spotlight, but wouldn't be labeled as outgoing

....perseveres through scary doctors appointments, and adamantly adheres to treatments, but is also very self conscious of coughing in public

....devotes herself to gymnastics

....loves to sew clothes, flowers, headbands, and pillows for herself and others, but doesn't love following a pattern

....watches and eavesdrops on her parents like a hawk

...loves fashion, dancing, pop music, and takes all of it quite seriously

....begs to sing solos in church

....has an uncanny, tender gift of connection with the elderly

We love you Ellery.  We are better parents because of you.  You've taught us how to love so much deeper.  A first child opens your heart in a way it never has been before.  Each year you grow opens our heart to more pain with an equal balance of love.  We've wept over your pain and struggles from day one battling PCD.  But your talents floor us in kind.  It's a risky game to be a parent but one we gladly take on.


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Color Clipping Ltd. said...

What a beautiful tribute to Ellery! It's amazing to see such poise and confidence in someone so young. Ellery's love for poetry, music, and sewing show she has a creative spirit. And her connection with the elderly is truly heartwarming. It's clear that Ellery has brought so much love and depth into her parents' lives. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

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