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Christmas Adornments

I've always wanted a house with wreaths and candles in the windows.  Our house fit the bill perfectly this year.  I ordered the candles on the internet a month or so ago.  I bought the wreaths at Big Lots and the ribbon at Costco.  Unfortunately for the snow business we are having another balmy, California winter.  The kids and I hung the wreaths and hunted for our tree in 65 degree temperatures.

    Also on my list of Christmas decorating dreams, a flocked tree.  We found a family who actually grew this ponderosa in their backyard.  It was affordable and had just the charm I was looking for.  The girls were sold the moment they laid eyes on it.   They said it was so fancy we just had to have it.

 An added plus, a flocked tree doesn't have nearly the maintenance.  It came nailed to a 2x4 stand, and needs no watering.  The needles also won't drop.

Berkeley happened to be very helpful in hauling this one onto the truck and through the door.  She made sure to keep a hand on it at all times.  

No fancy ornaments, but who needs to adorn a tree that is innately so beautiful?

If you look carefully you can just barely see the lights in the windows.


traske.melissa said...

wow bec, you have been crazy busy!! i love what you have done to the house. i ran into brit at costco the other day. we need to all get together after the holidays now that we live closer.

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