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Moab Half-Marathon

We enjoyed a little get-a-way to beautiful canyon country this weekend. I haven't been to Moab since we added chitlins to our family. Moab served as a former pit stop for Brent and I on our way home to Colorado. A few hours was all we neede to ride the infamous Slickrock trail.

Some random person riding Slick Rock...I just snagged this off the internet.

We camped once at the base of Lions Back. That was crazy! Not something I am ever interested in trying. I think it is a 24 point turn at the top.

A first-hand view descending Lions Back. FYI...it is closed now...too many accidents.
It doesn't look dangerous does it? We did not take this picture!

Our days of gallivanting on our mountain bikes from one trail to the next are over...now we deftly maneuver car seats and polly pocket strewn floors.

This weekends adventure consisted of me running a half-marathon race with the cutest support crew ever. The kiddos loved the pool and the park. I think the almost saw me run by at the end....they were moving locations...

I finished the race with a time of 1:35.10, or 7:14 minute miles. One minute faster than my last 1/2 marathon in August, on slower course, so I felt good about my time. I placed 5th in my age group out of over 400 women. Not too shabby.

The peanut gallery in the back of the truck, dancing to Rascall Flats cover of "Life is a Highway."

According to Brent, no squeaking was heard the entire morning from "Squeaker." He is quickly acquiring a new nickname...not from lack of goo, but from the persistant squeaks escaping his cute little person.


EmJay said...

I'm so proud of you! You look pretty tough in your singlet. Awesome time too, by the way. I'm pretty sure you're going to kick some serious trash in Ogden.

Jeanne said...

Woohoo! Way to go! I watched the contestants doing a half marathon on The Biggest Loser and was very impressed. That's an amazing time. You inspire me!!