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Wednesday brought an unlikely turn of events. The PTA president called and wants to nominate me for her position next year. Wow. She apologized multiple times...knowing how little my children are and how involved I am with the children in our church...however, she felt the Lord prompting her to talk to me. This unearthed a slue of issues for me.
  1. Newbie-I have never been to a meeting (they hold them at 11 am, virtually impossible for me), although I am a member...so I just waltz in and take over...seems odd and presumptuous...
  2. Homeschool-How does this impact my ideas about homeschooling...how would that sit with the rest of the members...she felt it would not be an issue at all...
  3. Political-In our 1/2 hour conversation, it was clear to me this would be an extremely political position...we have a new principal this year and an established, resident PTA...
I spoke with the principal on Wednesday. I continue to be impressed by him. He has a broad vision for the school. He is demanding and extremely involved. However, his approach appears to be gentle and positive.

Our little neighborhood school needed a turn-around badly. Enrollment dropped for 6 years consecutively. Only in the last year has it begun to rise again.

If I could help make a difference, the idea is both daunting and intriguing. One major factor in purchasing our home was being across the street from the park and school. This is where I am raising my family. Possibly if I were very involved with the school, and influential in its direction I might feel more comfortable with my children there for a full day.

Is this the direction the Lord wants me to take? I recently read a quote from Robert S Wood, a leader in my church,

“For too many, responsibility seems to end with hand-wringing and exclamations of dismay. Yet talk without action accomplishes little. We need to be vigorously engaged in the world. If our schools are inadequate or destructive of moral values, we must work with fellow members of the community to bring about change. If our neighborhoods are unsafe or unhealthy, we must join with the civic-minded to devise solutions. If our cities and towns are polluted, not only with noxious gases but soul-destroying addictions and smut, we must labor to find legitimate ways to eliminate such filth. … We have the responsibility to be a blessing to others, to our nation, to the world” (“On the Responsible Self,” Ensign, Mar. 2002, 30–31).

I had been pondering this quote for a week, before this phone call...wondering if I was being too isolationist.

I am still seeking more information and more guidance from the spirit as I approach these decisions. I don't think I could do both...homeschooling and PTA president. It is still unclear if this is really an option. Most people run full steam away from something like this. That, however, has never been my style.

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