t h e m a y f i l e s is foremost a family blog, chronicling everyday life. Life including natural, healthy eating (with recipes thrown in at random), home educating (with ideas popping up sporadically), an attempt to homestead on .2 acres (with very meager yields), raising 3 of 4 children with a rare genetic disorder, and lots of highly personal family triumphs and failures. You may also find an eclectic array of musings on politics, exercise, sewing, emergency preparedness, backyard chickens, and religion. This blog isn't a campaign to glorify anyone or anything. Just simply a record.


What am I Thinking?

Yes, that is me, sitting in a bathtub full of ice. I make this look like a lot more fun than it actually is.
Yes, there are a few stray farm animals in there with me, and a giant bald head keeping tabs on me. Remind me again why I run 16 miles on a given day?


Za said...

He looks concern.

Monica said...

you ARE crazy. in so many ways.

EmJay said...

Because YOU rock! At least your kids keep you company while you suffer.