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The Newest Member of our Family...Our Piano!

After hours and weeks of researching and scouring stores and classifieds we welcomed our newest addition to our home. A piano! Giddy would be an apt way to describe our families current emotions. My next door neighbor has his own piano studio and teaches lessons professionally. He came over and gave the piano a once-over. It was incredible to hear it played in a way I just can't seem to... He was so impressed and gushed for 10 minutes. It made me even more giddy!
Off the truck...they have been moving piano's for 40 years...I was a bit skeptical when they pulled up in a pick-up truck...but clearly they knew what they were doing.

I was worried it wouldn't fit through the door, but with some maneuvering no problems.

Music was a crucial part of our home growing up. In fact, I have memories which still make me cringe of our parents insisting we perform for Sunday afternoon guests.

Now as a parent I see the wisdom. In fact, I am certain I will torture my own children in like fashion! I also have vivid memories of myself as a middle-schooler, adamant, I would NEVER regret quitting piano. Of course, I do.

Here's to hoping for many more years of sitting together with my children at the piano.


Monica said...

how fun! I didnt know you got a piano!

Linda said...

I love catching up on your blog...and had to comment on this one. I have a vivid memory of you playing "Freight Train" for us on a Sunday afternoon somewhere....probably Iowa. Loved it! Those were the days...enjoy your beautiful piano! Thanks for the cute Valentine card- your family is adorable!

Rebecca said...

Linda, thanks so much for commenting. You gave me a good laugh! I think "Freight Train" was probably the last song I truly mastered! You need to get on my mom to become more technically savvy...I checked out your blog, congrats to Curt on the bishop...he will be wonderful.