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Easter Dresses

2006 Easter Dress

I am ready to tackle my next project, coming on fast. Easter dresses.

2007 Easter Dresses

I love sewing for my girls. Sorry, boy things just don't do it for me. But I love ruffles, fluff and ribbons!

Ruffles Galore in the Petticoat Dresses for Easter 2007

I am currently designing the girls dresses for Easter this year. Thankfully, my mother-in-law filled in for me last year and mailed them beautiful dresses. I was interrupted mid-sewing by the early birth of little Emmy. I think that was a legitimate excuse for non-completion! She was so sweet, she knew I wanted white and found them gorgeous white dresses.

2008 Easter Dresses from Mimi

I start by scouting out dresses at all the stores. I look at gymboree, gap, and nordstroms. So far I am leaning towards a version of a dress similar to this, available at nordstroms.

I love the ruffles and soft texture of the organza. However, it is usually pretty chilly around here at Easter. I end up making these beautiful sleeveless dresses and they get covered by sweaters, or shirts underneath.
2007 Easter Dress

My goal is a dress they can wear without covering. Although 3 years ago I made little coats to go over their dresses...that is always an option.
Jackets and Hats 2006


I also really like the one below. The stiff satin and the pleated organza.

Is this one darling just because the little girl is sooo cute? I love it!

We'll see...let me know any ideas....which are your favorites?


EmJay said...

Mrs. Ambitious at it again. Wow, Rebecca, you never cease to amaze me. I swear your days are longer than mine. I love the pink one from Nordstrom. It is so cute and girly.

Brittney said...

You are incredible! I'm just learning how to sew straight seams on blankets - Easter dresses are still years down the road for me. :) And I think they're all darling - the first one you put is so unique, it might be the most fun. Good luck! Can't wait to see your finished product!