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We've all Taken to the Army Crawl!

Imagine billowing smoke, flames leaping out in all directions. These girls would be prepared! (Although as I sit here and write this and look at Ellery's jammies, somehow they don't strike me as very flame resistant.)
With Emmett as our inspiration, tonight we taught the girls the finer aspects of fire safety. They proved to be professional "army crawlers." Apparently they have been paying fastidious attention to their little brother for the past FIVE MONTHS of commando crawling. Aren't they supposed to grow out of that?

I loved the opportune timing of our power flickering on and off as we had this family lesson on what to do in emergencies tonight. Brent and I have been taking a Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) course for the past 2 months. It has been marginal. In fact, the last meeting I went to I got the eerie feeling it was enabling some rather odd power hungry citizens. It almost felt like a citizen army was being raised as people talked about commandeering vehicles and creating day cares for children so their parents could go rescue. My text to Brent during this

"We need our own shelter ."

Preferably one the crazy vigilante CERT teams don't know about! I applaud preparedness. Brent and I are probably even a bit obsessive about being prepared. But even a little power can sometimes corrupt people. Such was my premonition in CERT class.

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