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How I Spent the Last 7 Hours

Emmett's One-Year Old Jungle Fever Birthday Cake

It was worth every single minute!

Better said....He was worth every minute of it and more!
The little angel man actually slept most of the day,
so he wasn't even neglected!

The frosting on this cake is dangerous...but the cake (3 different flavors, yellow, chocolate, and marble) passes the whole grain, no refined junk test!


Ashley said...

Way to go Bec, that looks awesome! How has it already been a year? The past 10 months have FLOWN by with Trev... Are we just enjoying it too much! Ohhh these little boys, so fun!

HanksFam said...

That is the most elaborate home-made cake I have ever seen! Great job. You are are a supermom!

Michele said...

WOW! What a cake, that makes mine look amateur! Happy first birthday to your little guy! So cute! I guess that means we'll be seeing you in the office soon!

Brittney said...

Amazing cake! That's definitely something to be proud of. :)