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Happy First Birthday Emmett

My little Emmett is deserving of a Happy Birthday Blog. Sorry it is a bit late (February 22). My favorite things...

  • He stuffs brussell sprouts in his mouth with gusto and pleasure...what parent doesn't derive pleasure from watching their child inhale green vegetables?
  • He has perfected the consonant "D" is all its varieties...especially "Da" in reference to his father, "Dah" for any dogs remotely near him, and "Doh" for all those "dropped" objects from his high chair.
  • The constant goo streaming from his nose and mouth...he just wouldn't be our Goo Man without it.
  • The open mouth, lunging, slobbery kisses I receive when he is especially overjoyed with me as his mother...like the one I got after I let him lick the chocolate cake batter beater....wouldn't trade that kiss and smile for the world!
  • His scrunched up, squinty eyed, cabbage patch face and loud, fast paced panting when he is excited...this usually includes the moment Brent, or a dog, walk in the room.
  • How in a moment of pain, after yet another bonk on the noggin, as I lovingly pat his back and try to console him, amidst his anguished sobs he pats my back in perfect rapport.
  • Those quiet moments, with the rest of the house asleep, in the early morning hours as I feed him before I run, his delighted mischeivious smiles and head resting on my shoulder before I lay him back down to sleep for another hour while I am away.
I love you Emmett!

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