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Visions of Emmett

A few choice moments with Emmett in a typical day...

One hand under the rim of the toilet seat, the other grabbing the toilet paper roll. Within seconds, if I hadn't foiled his plans, the entire roll would be in a heap surrounding him with a blissful mischievous grin.

Searching for still more trouble in my bathroom.
This cupboard is full of dads beard trimming essentials. Treasures for our little seeker.

Rinsing off the griminess and goo, is Emmett's favorite part of the day. I can't keep him sitting in the bathtub. Instead he clutches precariously to the faucet.
At any given moment I am on alert for temperature and slipping fiascoes.

I look at his eyes and want to recreate that fascination and sense of engagement and rapture in the simple things in myself.
Our children teach us so many precious lessons in the most disarming ways.

I love the visceral nature of this picture. Can't you just feel the water on your hands...
it just brings me back...

I know this video is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to get it vertical. But the laughter is infectious. Emmett is now a professional at the universally adored game of all one-year-olds "Throw It On the Ground as Many Times as You Can."


Monica said...

hahaha oh I love that little guy! I need to come over and see them! That laugh really IS so contagious!!

Za said...

Love those chubby little fingers playing with the water :)