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Riding on 2 Wheels!

The following scenario has played out at about 3 month intervals for the past 18 months.

Ellery: Dad, pleeeease take off my training wheels. I can ride a 2 wheeler. I really can Dad. I'm not scared.
Brent: Okay Ellery.

The training wheels are then removed. Followed by a 30 second attempt. Five minutes of tears. Ten minutes of pleading for the training wheels to be put back on. On they go. And 3 months later we repeat it all again.

I greeted this latest request today with great skepticism and dismissal. Within 2 minutes of leaving the garage I was summoned and this is what I saw...

We can now proudly announce: Ellery is riding a two-wheeler. She has joined the ranks of the big kids. Too bad it is going to snow all next week.
Way to go Ellery!

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