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Ellery's 6th Birthday

One big day.

Six big activities. For one brand new Six Year Old.

One...waking up to streamers, birthday cereal, birthday cards and unexpected presents (she got her new bike a few weeks ago...the jump rope and silly putty made her morning though).

Two...Attempting to eat one extremely large bowl of birthday cereal. She made it through two bites and then opted out.

Three...A five mile run with mom. A special treat since this rarely happens anymore with my long runs and early morning training...and oh yes, three children. We looked at wild flowers and Ellery was tickled watching the mud wrens we saw under a bridge. Goo man came along for the ride since he was awake at the crack of dawn too.
Four...A date with Dad. The event started with a trip to a "Special Park." A new park six miles away with humongous swings, ponds and climbing walls.
The date ended with a trip to Einsteins. To fill one hungry belly.
Five...A family trip to the pool. On this windy, cool day Ellery was determined to make our inaugural visit to the Scera Pool. A bit shivery but a blast. I even snuck in an 900 m swim. I figured I better get at least one in before my triathlon this Saturday.
Six...A family bike ride up the canyon on her birthday bike. Feeling very mature and brave as a six year old, Ellery insisted on taking the "mountain bike" off shoots. She was doing great until one yell from Brent. "SNAKE! Stop Ellery!" This led to at least six minutes of complete panic. Of course the snake was a stick.
We made it to Canyon View Park to see the Dam and play in the park.

We've reached six fabulous adventures...no cake and candles? The picture below explains it all...

At 6pm (how fitting) she was knocked out on the couch. After that day, that's where I felt I wanted to be too. The final hurrah for the day came when we heard Pip burst into sobs in the backyard after El had been asleep for hours...

Oops. One mistake. Off with the six birthday balloons. And away goes one little five year old girl. Now six. Ready to conquer one more year.


Miller time said...

That birthday celebration seemed like it could have been a week long birthday. I can't believe she is six. Such a sweet girl. Happy birthday El.

EmJay said...

I loved this post. What a special day you created for your sweet girl. Where is that park? Happy birthday Ellery!