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Save Money...Call Your (or My) Insurance Agent Now!

I have to give a little shout out here to my All State agent Ryan. My policies are all renewing (2 car and my house) in May. I got my bills and saw that all of my premiums had gone up, totaling about $180 per year.

It is beyond frustrating to me. I am a long time customer with zero tickets, zero accidents, on time for my bills every month. I never have made a claim... So I called.

At first Ryan said we had all the discounts he could find for us. He explained how All State is increasing their rates nation wide. He lamented that I had to bear the burden. I told him, thanks but I was going to look elsewhere for my insurance.

Ten minutes later....

Phone rings.

Ryan: Rebecca, I think I found a way to save you some money. You and your husband are great customers and we want to keep you around.
Me: I'm listening...

In summary...

By writing new policies and taking advantage of new programs, my amazing agent is saving us over $600 a year!!! Talk about service and savings.

Lesson: Don't be afraid to call and voice your concern if you feel like an innocent victim or rising rates. Don't be afraid to look elsewhere. And when your agent comes through like mine did, (thanks again Ryan) don't be afraid to publicly promote their awesome attention. Call me if you want his number!


David said...

Hey Beca,

This is David (Brittney's husband) and sorry but I couldn't help but comment on your entry. If your Allstate agent is a friend of the family great but if not I should give you a quote with State Farm. One of the reasons why Allstate is increasing their rates is because is a stock company that has to raise money to pay their stockholders and that is the way to do it. State Farm is a Mutual company so you don't have to give money to stockholders because there are none. Right now I am getting a lot of people from Allstate to switch to State Farm (great company who is being around for a long time). Again, if you have a relationship with the agent great if not let me know. Also, make sure he didn't decrease your coverages, put lower class miles (you drive very little) to decrease the price. Anyways, I work with this all day so I just wanted to let you know. I hope things are going great and your husband is doing good.

Thank you

David said...

Hey Becca,

Sorry to hear about your little girl. I hope she gets better and the ears will be fine. Thank you for commenting in the insurance stuff. I officially become the agent July 1st so I will give you a call then. Thank you