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Sometimes I just can't help but laugh at my life as a mother with these three little munchkins. As I got ready for bed last night, the following images played back from my day, a typical day...

On my bathroom counter lay this uncapped, tube of lip gloss. I reached to put some on. Then, shocking image came racing into my head. I threw it back to the counter. There it was, this particular tube of lipgloss in the hands of Emmett my 2 year old, during a diaper change that morning. He gleefully smeared the tube from his gooey tongue straight to his bare, barely wiped, bottom. He had the most delighted smile as he spread the lipgloss all over that little bum. Defiled!!!

After brushing my teeth I climbed into bed searching for my alarm to set. No where in sight, I found it laying behind my bed. As I picked it up, it slipped through my hands. It was covered in a nice thick coat of coconut oil, lovingly smeared in all cracks and corners. Then it was further dusted with hair and lint from lying on the floor behind my bed. Hmmm...coconut oil. Callista's favorite lotion. Defiled!!

As I lay there laughing at the silly things my children do, one last incident of the day came back to me, and my giggling climaxed. Dinner was finished. We were working as a family to get the table cleared and then kids up to bath. Brent had sent the girls into the laundry room to strip down for the shower. I wasn't paying attention and called out for Ellery to come unload the silverware from the dishwasher. Feet scampered. I called again. This time Ellery came rushing by in her birthday suit, with her little hands pulling her bum cheeks apart behind her... "Okay Mom I'm coming!" I gasped. Needless to say, I quickly excused Ellery to go upstairs straight to the tub. Almost defiled. Significantly defiled!

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Jo Lynn said...

I was scrolling down and totally missed this post and found it quite hilarious! It's amazing what our little ones do when no one's watching. Love love the bum story, she was probably so excited to show you her birthday suit knowing she could get out of her chore. :)That is also my favourite lip gloss, best stuff ever! I have about five because they always go missing and then I'll find them months later in weird places.