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Pink It Is

Little Baby In Me, showed no modesty for our latest ultrasound. All views confirm, there is a little girl swimming around in my belly waiting to make an appearance in just 3 short months.

I even think we have a name picked out. Which is amazing for us. A first. I think I will keep it under raps for now though.

All lab tests confirm my body is functioning healthy and strong so far. And large. (I have put on 25 lbs with still 13 weeks to go... Ahhg!) No protein in my urine, no low platelets... Thankfully, now I believe I can convince the doctors not to jump to any conclusions, without further investigation, if my BP elevates again later in my pregnancy. I really would like to make it through a birth without the nasty pre-eclampsia medicines. They are horrid, causing nausea, panic attacks, chills, convulsions...need I go on?

I am already dreaming up a blessing dress. I have always wanted to make one. And it will be summer, so the fabric textures are so much more delightful for an infant.

Brent is feeling even more outnumbered now that everything is firmed up. He and Mr. Em are going to have to stick close together. But a soft side, never harms a little or a big boy.


EmJay said...

Another sweet girl. I'm so excited for you. I am really happy that your BP is under control. Don't worry about the weight gain - we'll be running & biking together again in no time :)

Za said...

She is going to be a beautiful little girl just like her sisters.

Jo Lynn said...

Congrats, that's so exciting!!! I love girls and at least you already have a sweet boy. :) You are in my prayers that all goes well and you don't have to take any of those medications...that really sounds horrible! Impressive to make a blessing dress, how fun! Girls are so much more fun to dress and buy clothes for then boys. :)

Sarah said...

yay! congratulations! that is very exciting news. and i'm glad that so far everything is going well health-wise for you.

HanksFam said...

Congrats guys! I bet the girls are excited. Hey, I got your comment about the science fair and a former student being a judge...crazy. We are old.

Hey, another health question...? Luke (my almost one year old) is allergic to milk (it runs in the family). We've got him on soy. Any other suggestions? I've thought about almond milk but I'm not sure it has enough fat and calories. He's already thinning out and seems hungry all of the time.

You may not have any suggestions, but if you do, please send them my way:-) Thanks!

Ashley said...

Congrats! You sure make beautiful girls!! And looks like California was a blast!! I am so craving a good beach trip but it's going to have to wait just a bit :).

Brittney said...

Yay! I'm excited for you! I can't wait to hear the name. And I REALLY hope you keep feeling well! Those meds do sound awful.