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Happy Birthday Nanni!

Things we always want to remember about Callista during her 4th year of life....

....her magical, infectious smile

....how much she loves to do her own hair, and how she loves me to straighten it

....how much I struggle not putting every picture I have of her on our blog, because each one is so animated!

It felt like we rented the entire pool, there was no one there, perfect for her party!

...How she loves to show off for friends, but clings to my leg petrified in unfamiliar situations.

...how every night just about bed time she begins to experience some sort of alarming health issue. Many times it is a sore toe, possible an ear, chin, pinky finger, nostril....you name it and it is very possibly causing debilitating symptoms at bed time.

Enjoying a Russian birthday cake made especially for her by Larisa

....how she loves to please her big sister and mom and dad. She defers to our opinion and idolizes everything from our music, clothes, and makeup to favorite color.

Out to breakfast with Dad for bagels in the morning.

...the priceless way she says "Okay Mommy" so quickly when she discerns I need it the most. (It would be great if it were every time...we're working on it!)

We love you little Nanni. Happy 5th Birthday. You entered this world screaming like a wild baby and didn't stop for nine months. Thank you for learning how to release your energy in other ways. Our home would miss so much life without you!

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