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? More Questions ?

You are looking at a 9 lb 10 oz bundle of trouble.

Today at her doctors appointment she was clearly unready to be weaned from her oxygen. The doctor wrote a devastatingly, dramatic letter concerning the woeful condition of Berkeley's health the last 3 months and as a result 2 hours later our insurance delivered a pulse oximeter for our home. One to three months was the doctors prescription. Longer if needed. Will I really have a child crawling with oxygen?

When I tested Berkeleys saturation levels she was between 88% and 94%. It was pretty much deja vu from 3 weeks ago. My heart sunk decidedly in my chest as I fought off a break down. I thought certainly we would see some improvement.

I will probably check her for a couple hours a day until we see the pulmonologist in a week. This way I will have a solid idea of her daily sats. After that, it seems like once a week will be enough. Clearly we aren't seeing a rapid recovery.

I was put in charge of her weaning process. We don't see the pediatrician for 2 months.

I have so many question and so few answers.

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Brittney said...

My heart hurts for you. It must be so hard to not know. Hopefully things improve soon.