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Happy Three Emmy!

This is what happens with a 7 year old and a lot of time and streamers and love!
There are so many things I want to remember about Emmett right at this moment...
Out for birthday bagels for breakfast, carrying his new toy boat.
He loves his dad.  He loves his papa and his grandpa.  When he really wants attention from a male he starts a very rambunctious, rolling laugh.  It is hard not to join in.

Waiting for a lunch time gift from dad.
 Emmett continues to be extremely attached to his "nukie and bear."  One really doesn't go without the other.  By this point my girls were attachment object free.  I just don't have the heart to deprive him.  Emmett has been disciplined about once in his life.  He just doesn't cause trouble, so it is very hard to refuse him.  I may have to pay the piper later...but I don't think so.

 He would much rather sit quiet as a mouse on my lap during church, than attend the children's classes.  Just today, he wanted to "snuggle, read" so he marched himself upstairs climbed in my bed and fell asleep.  
Blowing out candles on his train birthday cake. 
 Emmett gets a bit confused with his colors.  He just hasn't seemed to grasp the concept yet.  His favorite poem is "Daddy Fell Into the Pond" by Alfred Noyes.  He loves to browse through landscape photography books.  Emmett is so particular about his clothes.  The outfit you see here, he refers to as his "Hawaii clothes," and if it were solely up to him, he would wear them everyday.   (I hid the swimming suits.)

Emmetts nose and ears and lungs are one continuous faucet on full-blast.  We used to call him "goo man" but the name as faded.  He only allows himself to be referred to as "good boy" or "big boy."  He breaks down in tears if he thinks he has been mean, or if it is insinuated that he has been naughty in anyway.  He becomes devastated and immediately contrite.

The cutest thing Emmett does is talk in 3rd person. He refers to himself as Emmett.  Emmy wants more.  Emmett is a good boy mom. 

Love, love, love Emmett.  He is an absolute joy to parent and adds an irreplaceable, tender dynamic to our family.  February 22, 2008.

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