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Latching on to the Moments

Emmett in the left nook with The Little Red Hen, Ellery on the bed...

Slivers of our little idyllic life resurfaced today.  The last 5 hours Ellery can walk again.  The antibiotic seems to be finally working out of her system.

I latch onto these moments with a vengeance.   We had a great time doing math, reading (we finished Old Yeller a week or so ago and now are reading The Secret Garden), spelling and then this precious way they arranged themselves for quiet reading.

I can snatch a moment at the computer and contemplate the recorded phone call from the library I just got:

...Callista reading Frog and Toad
in the right nook.
" You have 12 items overdue.  You have 12 items overdue.  You have 12 items overdue...."  

At some point I just need to face the facts, me and the library are not a good combination.  With the money I spend on library fines, I could have purchased the best of the books we love.  

The girls are going to yoga today.  I had high hopes they would love it like gymnastics, but after this punch card is up I don't think I will repurchase.  I think yoga is better suited to the older adolescent and adult.  It doesn't have near the engagement and excitement of gymnastics.  

We have been trying very hard to "force" Ellery back into a schedule even though she has still been complaining of significant pain in her tummy, chest and ears.  I have been doing my best to explain to her "distraction" is the only medicine we have to help her right now.  It can be quite a battle, but if this stomach cramping is finally gone, things should be much easier.

You will notice in prep for our getaway, the swimming
suits resurfaced as the clothing of choice.
Emmett's comment as he descended the stairs after quiet time:

"Mom!  I read my book.  All!  HUMONGOUS book!"

He has a very endearing way of attaching "all" as an adverb at the end of his sentences.  And he does it with gusto.

"Mom! I ate my sandwich.  All!"

Another side note...

I love the "retouch" feature in iphoto.  You would never know the darling quilt (you are seeing the underside) in the photos above has a huge bleach stain.

If only I had a "retouch" feature in reality.  Isn't it interesting how picture perfect we can make things seem?  :)


EmJay said...

I'm so glad she's feeling a bit better. I love that Emmett loves to wear his bathing suit. I still remember that post you made last year about it. Wishing you well!

Brittney said...

Hooray! A bit of normality! Their reading positions are SO cute. I wish I could get my kids to do that... I love Emmett's enthusiasm. :)