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Swimming in the Pool

This little rockstar caused quite the stir in her itsy bitsy yellow rose bikini.

Emmett was in heaven in the sand-bottom kiddie pool.  He belly-flopped off the rocks and swam to his little heart's content.

Every morning we couldn't miss the feeding of the Koi.  The children loved it.

We had a lot of overcast weather, but it was warm enough to swim.

Certainly the waterslides were a huge hit.  We went down hundreds of times.  Often it was very difficult to pry the kids away from the pool to do some island exploring.

I loved the "aloha" spirit on the island.  We hardly bought anything.  "Pattie" the so-named blow-up you see above, was given to us, along with tractors, sand toys, food, coolers...we passed along in return.

We spent a good deal of time in the family hot-tub keeping warm when the clouds felt cool.

This is the walkway along in the beach in front of the condos.  I spent a lot of time wheeling Berks in the stroller to try and get her to nap.

More fun pool shots!

Did I mention Berkeley loved the water!  I did have to be sure to keep a bow on her head with this swimming suit or else she was "So handsome!"

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Brittney said...

It looks like such a fun place! I bet you're missing it. Berkeley's little bikini is SOO cute!