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Blender Pancakes: Take 2

This recipe of Whole Grain Blender Pancakes, is becoming my favorite Sunday morning treat. We devour our Mulitgrain Hot Cereal in the mornings during the week, but on the weekends we like to have something a little different.

This Sunday I was feeling extra lazy, I had no desire to go out to the garage for wheat, kamut, and spelt, so I decided to be creative. Instead of my traditional whole grain flour mix, I used a cup of my premixed multigrain hot cereal.

I blended as per the recipe, and we had awesome pancakes! This time, chock full of quinoa, millet, amaranth, rye, barley, kamut, spelt and oats.

It turned out so well I was toying with the idea of trying to add to my standard whole grain mix. I am also trying to learn about some new grains and seeds including teff and buckwheat. I have used a little buckwheat in the past, but I am ready for more experimenting. Interestingly enough, I got an email from a childhood friend, asking about gluten free cooking ideas. I am trying to learn more about it.

I highly recommend giving this recipe a try with the multigrain cereal. And give the waffles a shot...just remember to double the oil.

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