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Little Runners in Training

"How was your run Mom?" "Did you just get back?" "When is your race?" A personal favorite, "Did you win a gold medal?" "Do you have to take a super, duper, cold, cold bath?"

With the marathon just 2 1/2 weeks away, last week we peaked and now we bring it down. Before my last marathon I was panicked about tapering for so long. The rest paid off on race day. But with missing 10 days of training while I was sick the week before last, I feltnervous. I told Brent Friday night, I needed a confidence run. Monday was my first day back and I felt great on my runs all week. But I needed a big, long, fast run under my belt, my "Hope to Hobble" of this training round.

So Saturday I ran 20 miles alone. Something I have never done before. The solo part was unexpected, but it was actually amazing. I felt great the entire run. In fact, I finished and felt I had a lot left in me. I averaged 7:55 min miles, rising 800 ft in elevation on the way up the canyon and dropping the same on my way home.

I have been strategizing ever since for the race. I loved negative splitting at St. George (my second half was faster than my first). My plan was to go out at 8 min pace and pick it up at the half. But if I just went 20 at 7:55, I think I will start out faster. My goal time is 3:20, plus or minus a minute or two.

All this race talk makes the girls giddy. They love to come cheer me on. I doubt it has anything to do with the fact that a race often includes a hotel stay and swimming pool. Since last summer they have been begging to run a race. Results: we are now in training for the Ogden Kids 1 Miler. Being the gear junkies we are, this necessitated a Target run to procure the essentials, hot pink running skirts, singlets, and sneakers.

"Coach Marie" as I like to call her, told me a great story a while back. It struck a chord with me as a mother. I asked her when she knew she was fast. Her response. "My older brother was a runner. I loved attending his races, mostly because he always seemed to get free stuff. I told my mom I wanted to run a race. She said, 'Great Marie, but you can't run unless you practice.'" Her mother sent her out to run laps around the church parking lot. Of course, as is her pattern, in her first race she smoked the competition.

I wanted to embrace the idea her mom taught, if you want to participate in something you do it right. You practice. So on our overcast Saturday afternoon, the girls, clad their new gear, ran 2 laps at the park across the street.

We stretched, talked about pacing and perseverance.

Clearly we have two little runners in the making. If by 7 years old they change there minds...no problem...we will embrace something new to keep us healthy and active as a family.

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EmJay said...

You were right, those girls are DARLING in their outfits! I think it is great that they are embracing your example and are learning to love fitness. Way to go on your solo 20... I can't say the outcome for me would have been the same!