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Easter Miracles

Small Miracle

Today I am finally emerging from my bed. About 3 am Pip started bawling about an earache and as I woke up, the feeling of mass pain in every joint was gone, my head wasn't throbbing and I wasn't hacking uncontrollably.

Brent gave me a healing priesthood blessing before I went to bed. I had really taken a turn for the worse yesterday. I testify the Lord works through his righteous servants and He felt it was my time to be rid of this nasty sickness, whatever it is.

Large Miracle

The last two years the Lord has given us a gift of time. Time free from chemicals and radiation, knives, and searing. Time to fashion memories full of love and laughter and children. More time than we thought we would ever have 5 years ago when Brent's father was diagnosed with cancer. But cancer has a way of rearing its ugly head just when you think it is gone. Last night, we found it has done just that.

I feel the panic set in as it seems like those sands of time, that fell in slow motion for 2 years are now flowing in a relentless torrent. Yet at the same time, at this Easter season, I am at peace. Grateful for the miracle of time. And for a wonderful Father-in-law and whose life has been lengthened just this long to bless mine, Brent's and our children's.

Only the Lord knows how much longer we have him. It is up to us to do with the time what we can.

Small Miracle

Callista: Mommy Papi is going to die. Is he dead today?
Me: No Callista he isn't dead today.
Callista: Mommy Papi's body will be in the ground but his spirit won't die. He will be resurrected and his body and spirit will come back together.

For six months Brent has taught the children nearly every day the simple truths of God's plan for us. I watched as he patiently taught them again again how..

...we are spirit children of God
...we lived with him before we came to earth
...we came to earth to receive a body and to us our agency to be obedient
....when we die our bodies go into the ground but our spirits go to Heaven
...at judgment we will be resurrected, just as the Savior was, and we will be able to live in glory with Him and our families forever

Large Miracle

The life and gift of our Savior. I know He yet lives. I remember sitting in the tomb at the traditional spot in Jerusalem, reading the words you see only from the inside..."He is not here. For He is Risen." Truly He is risen. There is no greater miracle than this.


Michele said...

Rebecca I am glad that you are on the mend! Let me know if I can do anything for you and thank you for sharing that!

Brittney said...

Thank you for your thoughts on miracles. And I'm glad you're doing better! Tuesday should be good for us - I just have a dr. appt. at 3:00, but aside from that we'll be around. :)

Ashley said...

What a beautiful post Rebecca. Prayers are with you and your family...

Mrs. Slade said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the reminder of the many miracles in our lives. Thank you for being such a great example. Love and miss you tons.