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Cache Valley Triathlon

Last Saturday was my second sprint triathlon. It was in Logan and a whirlwind. Started at 8:30. I finished at 10 minutes later we had to leave to get ready for the temple sealing. However....it was my best tri ever!

Topping the list was zero panic in the water. I had an excellent swim. It couldn't quite compare to swimming in the pacific ocean at 75 degree water....but it was still okay :) My time however came in as slower than the last. It must have had something to do with the currents and depth.

Below is me in transition. I was still horrible! Here I am bumbling around with my watch. Couldn't get my wetsuit off again. I had no issues Friday night when I came for a swim in the Dam. Wetsuit pulled off in no time. Huh.
The tri was put together so nicely. There was a "kid-zone" for the children to make bracelets and signs. It was so fun to see Ellery holding this for me as I came around the corner on my bike.

My legs actually felt quite fatigued on the bike. I had only had 3 bike rides since my last triathlon. Brent was out of town for a week and then Hawaii. The week of the tri I did 3 really hard rides and my legs felt it.

The run felt amazing my time dropped to 20:55. I had never seen the course but exulted when I came to a massive hill at .25 miles in. Yes you read that right. Exulted. I love hills thanks to coach Marie! I blazed up past the competition and came in at 1:19.11, 4th place overall and first in my division. I should have been 3rd overall but my garmin was off and I thought I had more time to kick past the girl in front of me.

Great race and a full month to kick the training up into high gear for the Spudman!

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EmJay said...

You're so tough. I know you are going to break into elite status whether you want to or not :)