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Hawaiian Extravaganza Post...

Ellery actually came down with Strep throat days before the trip. Thankfully 24 hours prior, at the local Instacare, Ellery got a quick poke to the bum and good dose of antibiotics to kick the bacteria. She wasn't thrilled I made her wear the surgical mask in the waiting room. The last thing I wanted was for us to pick up something else while we waited.

Ellery rocked out to Hannah Montana and High School Musical songs on the plane ride. This was thrilling for her as we don't usually listen to that type of music. The plane ride wasn't too brutal. Brent was pretty sick the entire trip unfortuately. Cough and fatigue. But he was a trooper.
Hawaii here we come. In the Honolulu airport.
We stayed at the Outrigger Waikiki and had this amazing view from our balcony. I could get used to this.
Our hotel had fun little activities like lei making. The look on Ellery's face pretty much sums up how she felt the first 2 days. She was a bit of stinker. It probably was a result of the time change and the antibiotic. We had a turning point Wednesday morning when we "extracted the grumpy old troll from her belly button."
We perused the shops and found little trinkets for Emmett, Callista and Grandma.
At a restaruant called "Shorebirds" we barbequed our own meat. Isn't that why you go to out? To have someone else cook. To eliminate the need to stand over a hot grill? It was still a fun adventure even though our fish was a cold. I am not a master at searing.
Did I say "Shorebirds/" I meant "lovebirds." :)
Ellery and Brent on the boogey board. She loved the pool but we ofttimes could drag her into the ocean as well.
Here is the whole family. It was wonderful to play with cousins and lounge with the parents and siblings. Really just the visiting and spending time together was what made this trip so wonderful.
We had a moist, lush, if somewhat anticlimactic hike to Hidden Falls. It really was hidden. According to a local we met on the trail, Hawaii is in a drought. But just in case we did have a downpour Ellery was prepared with an umbrella.They just don't grow 'em like this in Utah. Go figure.
Brent's mom is an avid nature lover and hiker. She and I connect with our love for nature and experiencing it physically.
And if she felt like the hike was challenging I always have a way of making everyone feel especially agile. I look at ease. Don't be fooled. A stumble, twist and bruise later, things changed. Next time under the fallen tree instead of over.The falls were a disappointing trickle. Quite different from 9 years ago

Yes, even I am a sucker for good chocolate. Here I am shamelessly biting into a macadamia nut, dark chocolate slice of heaven.
The Honolulu Zoo was great diversion for the girls. Here is cousin Katie, a distant pelican aunt (clearly on Brent's side of the family) and Ellery.

What would be Hawaii and our family without eating at Dukes. In honor of Mimi's 60th birthday we enjoyed the wonderful fresh cuisine and beachfront atmosphere. She has led an amazing life worthy of emulation by her daughters. Myself included.
We put together a memory book for her. Revisiting my last 11 years of knowing her, was privilege. Her sensitivity to the spirit and closeness to her children is inestimable. And isn't Poppy looking radiant?

Sand castles with the cousins.
Finally on the fifth day Ellery will lounge on the raft with me and ride the waves.
Ellery called out by a Hawaiian princess in the parade. She was tickled pink to get a lei. Several Japanese young women chased her around after that begging for a picture with her.

Highlights I don't have snapshots of included, 5 am run along the beach, and back roads around the Island. Surfing double with Brent. Swimming goggleless in the ocean. I lost my goggles the second day. Reading "Temple and Cosmos" by Hugh Nibley whilst basking in the sun and turning a deep red. Nothing like a little light reading and raging sunburn.
Ellery and I went a little crazy with the camera on the last day. Here are some pictures of us having a good time.

Ellery got some pretty good shots.

Finally the red eye home. We left Hawaii at 7 pm and landed in Salt Lake at 9 am the following day. It was brutal. Ellery slept just about the entire time. I attempted to watch several movies but after about 5 minutes of each was dismayed by the triviality. I just am not entertained by the media anymore. It has lost all its glamor. Too tired to read, I ended up listening to Bach for 4 hours.
A wonderful trip was had by all. A huge thank you and hugs and kisses to Mimi and Papa for making it all possible. I missed my Callista and Emmett horribly though! I don't think I could ever leave them again. Leaving a couple is a whole different game then leaving all of them!

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Brittney said...

I loved seeing all these posts. You've been busy! Your Hawaii trip looks like it was fabulous. I'm glad you had such a great time!