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A Small Snippet

Ellery: Ooooh, we get to go to Hawaii!
Jeddy: Cool. My Dad said we were gonna go see my cousins in California again.
E: Cool.
J: I think we are going to Texas too.
E: eyes light up...Texas! Hey Jeddy, that is where Alex Jones lives!!
J: Who is Alex Jones?
E: Umm...I don't know.

This gave me quite a chuckle when my six year old spouted off Alex Jones' name and origin. I hadn't realized she was cognizant of our listening to his broadcasts on the internet. But then again, if Alex Jones is on, it is hard not to notice him, even in the background. If you know who he is, you know what I mean :)

Children are always listening!

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Jessica said...

I actually snorted while laughing as I read this :)