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Microwave Free!

If you will remember back in January, our microwave went kaput. I decided to experiment for a week without it. My disillusionment began several years ago as I learned about the dangers of plastic in microwaves. I pitched every plastic food storage container I had and converted to glass pyrex. I was also disturbed my food was being altered on the molecular level. Doesn't just the name "microwave" creep you out a little if you really think about it?

Life was far easier than I imagined without it. For 6 months the only time we missed it was rice bags (I ended up buying a heating pad for each of my girls to go to sleep with in the winter. I unplug them as soon as they fall asleep) and burritos. Since then I have discovered we can make delicious burritos warmed in the oven in damp rag.

So finally the cabinetry workers came and built me this....

A nice decorative shelf. More storage is always a plus. Less radiation in the home is the biggest plus.

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