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A Birthday "Four" My Pip

Happy Fourth Birthday to my Little Pippy! If you can't catch the twinkle and sparkle in those beautiful dark eyes you must need to visit your local Costco Optometrist.
If anything sums up why my life just wouldn't be nearly as wonderful without my little Pip it is the next two pictures of her blowing out her candles....
How does this just not put a smile on even the most grumpy of dispositions?
Pay special attention to see if you can count how many times Callista changed her outfit in the course of this her very special fourth birthday. I'll give you a hint...it is more than four. The wild "bedhead" most certainly starts each day...we opted to end the "birthday cereal" tradition. Instead I made Callista "pink monkey bread" with a quarter hidden inside. It was a hit. (Sorry I forgot a picture.)
If I had bigger bows to put in her hair I wouldn't be afraid to do it. She handles them smashingly. Something the way she runs at me at full speed, at the crack of dawn, squealing "My Mommy, My Mommy, My Mommy..." and then smothering my legs in kisses and hugs until I can untangle her and scoop her wiry, wriggly body into my arms. She was delighted by her very own CD player. She loves to listen to poems and music. Her favorites include "Grizzly Bear," "Rattl'n Bog," "Clementine" and she even named her new stuffed sock we made in homeschool today "Sarasponda."
This vegan chocolate cake was fabulous until we ruined it with powdered sugar decorator frosting. But we sure had fun decorating it together after Ellery left for school in the afternoon. Callista thumbed through the cake decorating books for days. I was finally able to coax her away from the Halloween cakes, she was so rapturous about. I am not ready for Halloween themes yet...
Here is our finished project, complete with a new Strawberry Shortcake doll.
The flames look extra big, because four little wimpy candles was definitely not enough drama for this little girl. We had 4 columns of 4 candles. It was exciting.
A trip to Toys R Us resulted in this singing microphone and a doctors kit. She has been monitoring all of our blood pressure meticulously.
Because Motherhood would be far to easy if I could sleep through the night, sit through church, or drive in the car and explain yet again why some people still have their Christmas lights up in September and why we don't...this is why I love my little four year old. In case I forget there is always one more thing to get excited about, or 15 reasons a day to jump up and down with glee, or break out into writhing sobs and crash into a deep snore in 10 seconds flat...these are all why I need and love my little girl in my life. God knew to send me Callista. I am a better person because of her. Happy Birthday my lovey.


Brittney said...

So cute! She is darling!

Michele said...

I can't believe she is 4 years old already! Wow,time flies! She is so cute!