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Our Little School Room

Creating the perfect environment for our Homeschooling adventure was critical to me. I was so worried before beginning this adventure, that it be positive and uplifting experience. I take seriously the charge as a mother to nurture and educate my children. Well nourish too...but I will try to stay focused.

My house is not big. And I have no desire to have a big house...btw. We have around 2400 sq feet, with about 900 sq ft on the main level. But I find creative ways to constantly rearrange rooms to fit our current lifestyle. This room is 10'x12'. Having everything arranged in a small area, easily accessible, with all my supplies within arms reach, has proved invaluable to creating the atmosphere I seek. We also have a great view of the backyard, lots of natural sunlight, and easy access to the kitchen for snacks!
I purchased these bulletin boards, dry erase boards, clock, globe, storage bins, rug, and an additional children's table with three chairs. The oversized table allows all of us to sit comfortably and work together.

Or we have two separate work stations when necessary. I wanted lots of inviting seating, so I included our rocker and couch.
All three bookshelves we had. I redistributed books and toys throughout the house to make room for our school supplies. I kept the bottom two shelves full of toys for Emmett to play with while he is awake during school hours...which isn't long. We have math bins, work bins and my supplies.

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